Adding a New Service

DNS-O-Matic supports dozens of services. We're committed to adding more as users request them. Once you've gathered the required information, please email us as the address below to request the addition of a new service.

Information we need to support a new service

  • Full name and home page URL of service
  • Test account with the service
    • If the service is free, and in English, we'll create a test account ourselves.
    • If the service requires payment, we'll ask for a waiver of the fee before we create a test account. The account will not be be used for anything beyond testing.
  • Test domain or update key for the service
    • Provided an account, we can add a hostname ourselves. If you want to provide a hostname or key for our testing, it's appreciated.
  • Technical details
    • Please share the URL of the update API or parameters, examples, and anything else which will help us add the service

Language Note: DNS-O-Matic will support services in languages other than English, but we'll need extra translation help.

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Questions or inquiries? Please email